Posted in April 2012

Chemo Postponed

My trial this week wasn’t the one for which I had prepared. I was prepared for my third round of chemo. I use my “good days” to take care of things I can’t do when I’m in the middle of a round of chemo – house cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking meals to freeze, etc. I … Continue reading

Round Two

Come with me to chemo, round two. It’s Wednesday, April 4, 11:30 A. M. and I’m at Kaiser Permanente’s oncology center in Fair Oaks, VA. The blood work I turned in at the Kaiser Permanente Ashburn lab the preceding Monday says my body is healthy enough for another round of chemo. I was supposed to … Continue reading

Round One

First, I must report my Mar 19 PET scan says I don’t have any more cancerous masses lurking in my body. Yeah! I haven’t posted for awhile because my first round of chemo was rough –  far more difficult than I had hoped it would be. Nausea and vomiting is one problem.  It didn’t start … Continue reading