Posted in May 2012

Mothers and Daughters

Poetry is a personal thing. What resonates with me may totally bomb with you. “B” is a poem by Sarah Kay. It makes me think of my Mom and my sisters and all the little girls I care about in my life. I like it so much, I put it on my wish list and … Continue reading

New (to me) Chemo Options

I have a tip for anyone experiencing major medical issues: Make sure someone else is around when you talk to your doctor – especially when there are decisions to be made.  Before colon cancer I would have thought it a great imposition to ask someone to  visit the doctor with me. Thankfully, I have friends … Continue reading

Round Three

I’m ready to shave all the hair off my head. It’s not coming out in dramatic clumps. Instead, my hair is gradually thinning out, shedding more than normal because of the chemo. It’s all over my pillow when I wake up.  It’s all over the shower floor after bathing. It’s All Over, and I’m tired … Continue reading