There are good days, too

I don’t want to leave the impression that the past five months of cancer and chemo has been all sorrow, pain, and vomit. It’s been a remarkably good experience in many ways I won’t expound on right this minute…

One thing I enjoy doing on a day I’m feeling well and the weather is nice is taking a long, rambling walk. I tend to fall in love with the area where I bought my first home each time.

(Note:  I do not claim, nor have I ever claimed to be a photographer.)

I love all the paved trails through forested areas – one trail starts super close to my house. I haven’t learned all the trails yet and I admit the sense of exploration thrills me. I see rabbits, deer, and sometimes, even horses. I meet lots of neighbors walking their dogs.

paved trail


I love being able to walk back in time. I can get to Old Town in 10 minutes and conjure up old farms, train stations, and Victorian homes.

Ashburn Station

old barn

victorian home

another victorian home

reminiscent of farmland

old house

I love stopping by the “old-timey” shops in Old Town. I’ve bought some nice pieces at Olde Mill Furniture. At Carolina Brothers I can get me my favorite barbecue or just an ice cream from the freezer.

Olde Mill Furniture

North Carolina Brothers

The sight of the “new” getting carved out of the “old” open spaces saddens me a little. But I’m part of the “new”, so how can I complain?

carving new out of old

And some of the new houses are kind of nice.

new house

Watching kids play on the many playgrounds around cheers me up again.


Plus, every neighborhood needs a few smile-worthy quirks.

corgi xing

bird house tree


3 thoughts on “There are good days, too

  1. The pictures you shared are lovely. Dad and I enjoyed walking the trails with you when we visited. It is great planning to leave so much of nature just behind your home. It is indeed a very pleasant place.

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