I decided to blog instead of writing an annual “Christmas Letter” to my family and friends…

I never kept a consistent personal journal (this is NOT it) until I figured out writing in it every day was the only method that worked for me. I felt overwhelmed if I tried to write about one week or one month so I simply didn’t do it. I think I’m much the same way with Christmas Letters. But I doubt I’ll blog every day! Use the RSS feature 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Monica,

    I don’t really know how this works as I haven’t gotten into blogging much (atall 🙂 really) myself, but I’ve been trying to track you down for so long that when I got your email a couple weeks ago and just got on here just now…I just decided to try to take a stab at contacting you and see what happens. I won’t write much now, I’m just experimenting to see what’s going on, but I really hope you are doing well and am anxious to hear from you!


  2. Hi,

    it was nice to see your name in my comments — glad you liked the brownies!!!

    I think it funny you fear kidknappers too.

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